Luis E. Romero is a Venezuelan American entrepreneur, author, and designer. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Luis migrated to the United States at the age of 17 with a Galileo Scholarship to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. From there, he embarked on a long and enriching career working for multinational corporations and service firms, where he gained the kind of exposure and experience that make a person truly multicultural, open-minded, genuinely curious, and in his case, explosively creative.

Currently, Luis is Founder & CEO of Omnifave (3D & 2D asset creation, VR & AR experience development, and advisory services for the metaverse), Voxpell (a sportswear brand for martial artists, yoga practitioners, and fitness pros and enthusiasts alike), and Venezuela Mundial (the world’s largest sportswear brand inspired by Venezuela).

Luis still consults on matters of leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation for corporate clients. He is an expert contributor to Forbes on leadership and entrepreneurship, and has also penned articles for Entrepreneur, Business Venezuela, Revista Dinero, among many others.

As an entrepreneur and economist trained in management sciences and behavioral matters, Luis has developed a unique business mind and a cutting-edge approach to leadership, entrepreneurship, and human behavior in general. His approach can be further explored through his books, The Seventh Distinction: The Path to Personal Mastery, Leadership, and Peak Performance and You Are the Opportunity You Were Waiting For: The Philosophy of Success in 21 Timeless Principles. These two texts are considered seminal works for a new culture in business, politics, and society in general for future generations.

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