The Seventh Distinction

By combining modern knowledge and ancient wisdom, Luis E. Romero brings you "The Seventh Distinction," a personal and professional development system designed to help you create the life you always wanted. This system is built on the principles of systems theory, the premises of modern psychology, some elements of classical philosophy, and the wisdom communicated by dozens of masters throughout history. In this regard, this system will help you solve problems that were previously unfathomable, realize synergies that were previously invisible, and achieve objectives that were previously unimaginable. As the author redefines simplicity, evolution, leadership, competency, vision, principle, and consciousness, he will show you the path to personal mastery, leadership, and peak performance. This book was written to help you become the person you want to be.

You Are the Opportunity You Were Waiting For

A simple and powerful manual for every entrepreneur. From such intimate matters as self-knowledge and self-confidence to external considerations such as democracy and the free-market economy, this manuscript presents 21 timeless principles that make success a credible aspiration for everyone.

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